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Spinoza On State & Religion, Judaism & Christianity
Hermann Cohen

, 1915, -, - . , , . , , .

Robert Schines lucid translation of Hermann Cohens sustained assault on Spinozas theories of religion, reason, and politics renders a key essay accessible to the English-language reader. Cohen is the leading representative of Jewish rationalism in the twentieth century. In his philosophical critique of Spinoza, we find a defense of the rationality of Judaism, indeed, of rationality as such. A superb interpretive Introduction complements the translated text. Students of Spinoza, of Jewish philosophy, of philosophy of religion, and of the relations between religion and state are all in Prof. Schines debt.

Alan Mittleman,
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Hermann Cohens polemic against Spinozas Theological-Political Treatise is one of the most loyal, profound, and genuine articulations of Judaisms philosophical and moral foundation. The publication of Cohens essay in English with the incisive Introduction by Robert Schine is a valuable contribution to the understanding of Jewish Thought as it encounters the complexity of the modern condition.

Moshe Halbertal,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem